Break Through Your Threshold: Gratitude & Giving by Jai Maa

Break Through Your Threshold: Gratitude & Giving
By Jai Maa

If you would say thank you twice as much as you ask for things you want, you would manifest like a genie, my Guidance said while I was deep in meditation.

My life had been moving at the speed of light and my prayers lately had become a shopping list of what I wanted more of and less of, praying for quick fixes to my insatiable challenges. And I felt like I was paddling up river with a few of my projects. All of my actions seemed to create more setbacks rather than propel me forward, causing me to feel impatient and needy.

Tears streamed down my face as I acknowledged all of my prayers that had been answered. As the feeling of gratitude grew in my heart, stress around my current challenges dissipated.

I also heard that the best way to get out of the self pity rut when things aren’t happening as quickly as I would like them to is to help someone else fulfill their need.

My friend, Robin, needed to paint her rental property before new tenants moved in the next day. She had been working since morning and was exhausted trying to annihilate her mile long to-do list when I walked into the home late that evening.

“I’m here to relieve you, go to bed! I will take care of everything,” I said and grabbed a paint brush.

“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you, Jai Maa!” And her once-tired and worried face suddenly lit up and became bright again.

I put on a pot of coffee and jammed out to 90s music until the sun came up, going above and beyond what was expected of me. It felt so good to do something this important for someone I loved that my earlier frustrations seemed insignificant.

When the renters arrived, they walked through the house with warm smiles, remarking on how beautiful everything was and how it was much more than they expected, which was an answered prayer for Robin.

My self esteem lifted as a result of helping my friend, and shortly thereafter, solutions to my previous challenges became clear.

Are you feeling stuck in a rut with the “I want what I want right now” syndrome?

Do you find yourself paddling upstream with a problem and none of your endeavors seem to go your way? You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created the problem. Now, read that sentence again.

Try this simple problem-solving antidote to change your attitude and shift your reality…

Gratitude: Acknowledge and say “thank you” for all of the abundance you have and/or all of your prayers that have been answered. Do this process authentically, and your brain will release neuropeptides that cause you to relax and think clearly again.

Giving: Find someone who has a need and help them fill it. Make the kind of difference that would cause them tears of gratitude for your help. While you are waiting for your prayers to be answered, you can be the answer to someone else’s prayer.

Magically, Jai Maa

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