Respect: Interview with Auburndale Mayor Richard Hamann

Respect: Interview with Auburndale Mayor Richard Hamann

Auburndale Mayor Richard Hamann was recently recognized with the 2013 Ridge League of Cities Nettie B. Draughon Municipal Official of the Year Award.

The honor was bestowed upon him for his more than 20 years of service to the Auburndale City Commission. During his tenure on the commission, Hamann has seen his quaint town transformed into a destination where people want to live, work and play. The city’s industry has grown with the addition of the Coca-Cola Plant. Auburndale is also home to the state’s Florida Youth Soccer Association at the Lake Myrtle Sports Complex and more residential communities have sprouted from the planned growth the city has experienced over the years.

Auburndale’s city limits expand to Interstate 4 where the themed-attraction Fantasy of Flight is located. Hamann keeps up with the needs and wants of his constituents in his day job as a barber and co-owner of Please You Barbershop in downtown Auburndale. In this interview, Hamann explains more about his service to the city and how he has watched Auburndale grow.

Name: Richard Hamann

Age: 61

Family: Daughter, Lashonda Kirkland

Resident of: Auburndale

Work/professional history: Co-owner of Please You Barber Shop, mayor of the City of Auburndale.

During your 20 years of service on the city commission, what has been the most exciting aspect? Watching the city progress over the years. I serve with a progressive city commission. We definitely feel we have moved the city forward. I am thankful for the opportunity from the citizens who’ve allowed me to serve.

What sorts of challenges have you encountered being a public official? The fiscal management of the city is one of the challenges. I’m proud we have one of the lowest millage rates without a power plant.  We’ve been fortunate that we have been able to balance the city budget with limited funding over the years.

What do you enjoy most about living in Auburndale: The people. Being a graduate of Auburndale High School and seeing the hometown atmosphere still prevail in all the growth that has been before us.

When you are not cutting hair or setting policy for the city, what do you enjoy doing outside of work? Saltwater and freshwater fishing. I enjoy it because it is just getting away from it all, collecting my thoughts and relaxing.

Why do you think  the commissioners work so well together in Auburndale? We all have Auburndale at heart and what’s best for our city and citizens. We’re all thinking of how we can make it a better place to live, work and play.

Favorite quote: Put off today what I can do tomorrow. If tomorrow never comes, you don’t have to worry about it.