Break Through Your Threshold: Leaking Energy by Jai Maa

Break Through Your Threshold: Leaking Energy
By Jai Maa

Claudia is that soft, feminine self-actualizing go-getter that everyone likes. She is a woman of integrity and do-gooder for her community, always taking on projects to support charitable fundraising for worthy causes. She is a single mother who works with television production and the spokesperson for the morning announcements at her church.

Claudia has struggled with chronic fatigue for years.

When I asked her what the greatest vision for her life was, her eyes filled up with tears. Through her shaky voice, she shared her dream of being a leader in conscious media. I then asked if what she was currently doing with her time and energy supported her life’s dream and she said no.

I introduced the concept of “leaking energy” and that sickness and fatigue are ways the body communicates that energy is being drained in directions that have nothing to do with one’s life purpose. Anytime she said “yes” to people’s requests out of obligation, guilt, or fear, she was leaking her energy and causing her body to weaken.

It became clear to Claudia that all of the time and energy she was investing into other people’s expectations of her could be used for creating her own vision. She immediately began to make the uncomfortable, but necessary changes to restore her energy. Not only did Claudia reclaim her power by admitting she agreed to tasks she didn’t want to do, she also accepted responsibility for the impact of mistrust that might have been formed by changing her mind.

She ended a relationship with a lover she no longer was attracted to and immediately felt her energy increase. She then resigned from her position as a board member of an organization she felt stagnate in. Once again, her energy amplified. She apologized for agreeing to be a part of her friend’s network marketing company when she had no interest in selling the product. Claudia was on a roll and felt great!

Claudia’s energy was higher than it had been in years and she no longer suffered from fatigue. She is committed to saying “yes” only when she means “yes” and no longer concerns herself with what people think of her if she says “no.” Every choice Claudia now makes, she asks herself if her decision is in alignment with her ultimate life vision of shining as a leader in conscious media.

Enlightenment Challenge: 

Where are you leaking energy? Do you find yourself tired, sick, or ‘dragging feet’ in certain areas of your life? Do you feel drained in certain relationships? Where have you said “yes” to something you really do not want to do? Are you engaged in activities that may have fulfilled you before, but now feel stale and constrained? 

Find one leak in your life and seal it. I’d love to hear your experience of applying this enlightenment challenge. Email me, Jai Maa, at