Break Through Your Threshold: Be, Do, Have Paradigm Shift
By Jai Maa

Where does happiness come from? Think about it for a moment. Where does your happiness truly come from?

For a long time, happiness was something that I sought and did everything to have. If I was treated with kindness and appreciation, I was happy. If I had enough money to buy the things I wanted, I was happy. If I looked and behaved a certain way that gained the world’s approval, I was happy. If I had an impressive job or did wonderful things for my community that distinguished me as important, I was happy.

I was successful at chasing and catching the feelings of happiness, but they were fleeting. It was exhausting to try and control making things happen my way in order to briefly touch upon a feeling that never seemed to last.

I am a native of Florida, born and raised in Polk County, and am currently in Indiana heading to Kansas on my fourth national Break Through Your Threshold book tour. I had the honor of being chosen as one of the six speakers who presented at a Ted Talk-inspired series called “Walk The Talk.” In front of more than 300 people, I shared the secret I have learned and am mastering to create and sustain true happiness. This paradigm applies to every single person on our planet, and I guarantee you, if you are willing to practice and master this internal skill, you will access the magic of being in Heaven on Earth.

There are three ways to creating happiness. Once you become conscious of where you are in generating happiness, you have the choice to shift into the highest level of enlightenment.

The first level of creating happiness is through a paradigm of a victim:

Have, Do, Be

If I just had all the money in the world, I would do the things I love to do, and I would be happy.

If I just had the right partner, I would create the happy home I’ve always wanted, and then I would be happy.

If I just had the approval or support of others, I would do my greatest calling in the world, and then I would be happy.

In this victim paradigm, your happiness is based on something happening outside of yourself in order for you to be happy.

The second level of creating happiness is through a paradigm of force:

Do, Have, Be

If I just work harder at my job, I will have the money I want, and then I will be happy.

If I just find the right partner or get my current partner to change, then I will have the relationship I want, and then I will be happy.

If I just do wonderful things in the world, I will have the approval and support of others, and then I will be happy.

In this force paradigm, your happiness is based on you “making something happen” and manipulating results into fruition in order to be happy.

The third level of creating happiness is through a paradigm of enlightenment:

Be, Do, Have

I am choosing to be happy regardless of whether I have money or not, and so I do the creative things I love to do, and then I have a life of abundance and endless opportunities.

I am choosing to be happy with or without a relationship, and so I interact in all of my relationships with happiness and self-satisfaction, and I have only the best, high quality relationships attracted to me.

I am choosing to be happy whether others like me or not, and therefore I fearlessly connect with others and create my greatest dreams, and then I have a life that is abundant with prosperity.

In this enlightenment paradigm, your happiness is something you connect with from within, regardless of your outside circumstances. You know that happiness never comes from other people, money, or anything external. You also know that while you are capable of “making something happen,” that positive feeling never stays from trying to control your environment. In the enlightenment paradigm of Be, Do, Have, you come into alignment with who you truly are, and you know that happiness is a way of being that is sourced from within you. The more you practice connecting with happiness from within, regardless of whether life is happening the way you’d like it to or not, the more you allow the magic of Heaven on Earth to naturally unfold for you.

Enlightenment Challenge: Think of an area in your life that is not working as well as you’d like it to (relationships, finance, life purpose, health, etc.). Quiet your mind in meditation or prayer and connect with a quality of your soul that might be covered up at this time. Do you need to connect with trust, peace, surrender, curiosity, adventure, empathy, compassion, flexibility, or happiness? Connect with that quality from within (Be), make choices from that space (Do), and then watch the magic unfold (Have).

Note: If you would like to see the speech on Creating Happiness through Be, Do, Have by Jai Maa, here is the link: “Walk The Talk: Jai Maa.”


Jai Maa