Lakeland Role Playing Guild

Lakeland Role Playing Guild

The Lakeland Role Playing Guild (LRPG or simply the “Guild”) is a member driven, private organization, dedicated to providing a safe and fun atmosphere in which to participate in the hobby of gaming. Though named the Lakeland “Role Playing Guild,” the Guild supports many types of gaming activities including board games, card games, and miniatures as well.

The objective of the Guild is to strengthen the gaming community by providing structured opportunities for socialization and networking.

The majority of guild events are done using the D20 system (a type of role playing game systems based on Dungeons and Dragons) which includes, but is not limited to D&D 3.5, D20 Modern, and D20 Future. The Guild also attempts to make members aware of various other role playing game systems, board games, and card games, through demos and word of mouth.

The Lakeland Role Playing Guild meets on the second and fourth Friday nights from 7 to 11 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lakeland, located at 3140 Troy Ave. in Lakeland. Role players, board gamers, and card gamers are all welcome. The “themes” for each session change. For more info or to join in on the conversation visit or

“It’s a great environment for both veteran game players and new people. Everyone is so helpful and kind in teaching new systems and rules to the games they love. We get to experience new games, both role playing and board games, in a family friendly atmosphere. Many of our members have been members for years and there are deep friendships that have developed through the guild. 

Our guild master is great at helping each member develop gaming skills (both as a player and as a game master) through our College of Gaming program as well as through encouragement and guidance. We are also teaching the next generation of gamers in how to play fairly, how to cooperate, and how to broaden their imagination in story telling role playing games.”

-Tracie Barrett, 3-year LRPG member