Break Through Your Threshold: A Grounding Meditation by Jai Maa

Break Through Your Threshold: A Grounding Meditation
By Jai Maa

“I have never felt that still in my entire life. For a minute, I noticed my mind said nothing. Can you believe that?! My mind said nothing!”

I was sitting across from my friend, Joey, while I watched his face light up like a kid who just saw a shooting star. I had just led him through a grounding meditation that I had been practicing for months with great results. I could relate to Joey. My mind can also run a million miles a minute, thinking about things that have nothing to do with anything, taking me on journeys that can last for hours.

When I first learned this grounding meditation, I was suffering from a sciatic nerve pain in my left leg. I was popping ibuprofen to alleviate the pain and performing yoga stretches to un-kink the nerve that was pinched. Nothing worked, and I felt miserable.

It was after I learned this powerful technique (that I will be sharing with you here) that the pain disappeared completely. I became aware that my restless mind was causing my body to react by clenching from the irritating thought patterns. In one mediation, I made a choice to “let go” of an issue that had festered in my head for months, and then noticed my body completely relax. The sciatic nerve pain was gone, and never came back.

Just like any other skill, mediation takes daily practice, rigorousness, and commitment. No one plays Chopsticks perfectly on the piano for the first time. We all stumble and grow. We all feel like we’re not “getting it” at first, and some take longer than others to get a handle on something new. Practice meditation, and you, too, will create mastery and experience the magic of peace.

Grounding Meditation

Find somewhere comfortable to sit, away from distraction. It is recommended that you practice this technique sitting and not laying down, so that you don’t fall asleep. Close your eyes and take a big deep breath in. As you exhale, settle into your body and notice the chair supporting your weight and your feet resting on the ground.

Imagine a ball of white light hovering right above your head. This light is your soul’s pure energy. Call all of the parts of you that may be focusing on other things back home to you. Notice the part of you that is focusing on the future. Call that part of you back home to the light hovering above your head. Call the part of you that may be focusing on the past until it comes back to the ball of light above your head. Call any part of you that is currently thinking about other people, challenges — or even things that make you happy — back home to the light above your head.

Now that all parts of you are back home and your focus is no longer split in multiple directions, take a big deep breath in and allow the light of your soul to move down into the center of your head. Rest there for a minute. Notice what it feels like to do nothing. There is nothing to think about, just for now. There is nothing to concentrate on. There is nothing to problem-solve, just for now. There is nothing to concern yourself with. You can just simply be in silence. If you notice your mind begin to wander, that’s okay. Just bring your focus back to the center of your head. You don’t have to follow any of the thoughts that cross your mind and turn them into stories. You can just notice them swim through your mind, and simply keep all of your focus in the center of your head.

Now take all of your focus and scan inside your body. Notice if there is any tension in your body. Just by noticing and breathing, a natural healing can occur. There is nothing for you to do except to notice yourself and breathe.

Now bring all of your attention to the root of your body. For women, imagine a ball of light in between your ovaries. For men, imagine a ball of light at the tip of your tail bone. Imagine if you could take that ball of light and ground yourself into the earth. Imagine that light turning into a grounding chord, like a strong, healthy root of a tree, and allow your grounding chord to grow all the way down into the center of the earth. Feel what it’s like to be supported, nourished and sheltered by the earth. Feel what it is like to be loved and taken care of by the earth.

Notice if there is any tension in your body and release that tension down your grounding chord and into the belly of the earth. You are not harming the earth by this technique because all energy is neutral. Earth is a great alchemist which can rejuvenate all old energy and grow trees. Stress and tension in your body is simply energy that has already been used up by you and needs to be processed and released.

As energy is releasing through your grounding chord, imagine your feet also becoming roots that grow into the earth to receive nourishing energy. There are healing frequencies in the earth that are unlike any other planet in the Universe. All you have to do is open yourself up and receive. Feel what it’s like to allow those healing energies to move up into your feet, up your legs, and into your body. Notice if your feet begin to tingle when this healing transmission begins.

Now imagine a light from your Creator shining down upon your head. Allow the unconditional loving light of the Universe to pour down into your body and blend with the healing frequencies of the earth. Notice what it feels like to be in alignment, opening yourself up as a vessel for Divine Love and enjoy receiving this neutral, cosmic healing energy as long as you’d like.

When you’d rather be nowhere else than in this peaceful stillness, then you are ready to open your eyes. Be open to a magnificent day full of opulent gifts and magical surprises while being aligned with your Divine Self. Now you are ready to bring forth all that you are to the world. You are a perfect, whole and complete, Divine creation and expression of love.

Enlightenment Challenge: Try this meditation for 21 days. It is highly recommended to begin your day with prayer and meditation before rushing into your schedule and endless to-do list. Begin everyday with this grounding meditation and you will set the tone for your day and experience peace.


Jai Maa