Non-profit Spotlight: Michelle’s Closet

Non-profit Spotlight: Michelle’s Closet

Did you know that nearly one in 10 Americans suffer from addiction? Michelle’s Closet is dedicated to changing that number, if only by one. This is the mission of Janice Honiker, president of Michelle’s Closet, her non-profit named after her late daughter.

Who is Michelle? Michelle was my daughter, a recovering addict who fought with addiction for more than seven years. It wasn’t until she found out that she was pregnant that she sought help.

Ever since, Michelle fought an uphill battle with her sobriety. On April 25, 2015, she submitted to that struggle and accidentally took her own life. Our family was devastated. Michelle was more than just an addict; she was beautiful, talented, loving, and giving. But above all this, Michelle was an awesome mother. She left behind a beautiful 4-year-old son.

After Michelle’s death, all I had were memories. One in particular was our first visit in rehab; I hadn’t seen her in months. I was so happy to see her that I didn’t even notice that her clothes were literally falling off of her. Michelle was a tiny girl and there was no clothing small enough to fit her in rehab. She had to roll the waist of her pants to keep them from falling down. She looked so pitiful, all we could do was laugh, but I knew deep down she was depressed and embarrassed. I started this foundation based on that memory (hence, Michelle’s Closet). I was determined that no girl, no matter their size, no matter their circumstance should have to feel that way.

After all, those on the path to recovery are changing their lives for the better and they need appropriate clothing for meetings, job interviews, court appearances, church, etc. And when you look good, you feel good, and first impressions do make a difference.

Michelle’s Closet gives recovering addicts the clothes they need to feel good about themselves and make that first impression a great impression. A simple gesture that cost no more than simply cleaning out your closet could help change the life of someone in need.

Our goal is to inspire those who struggle with addiction to continue their journey towards sobriety for just one more day; to never give in and never give up. My own goals are to keep the memory of my daughter alive for my grandson and to give the families of those who are struggling with addiction a little hope for just one more day; for every day an addict stays clean, their families have hope.

Addiction is an ugly disease; it consumes everything and everyone close to the addict. Over time everyone loses. Let’s not lose another person to addiction. Let’s come together and make a difference.

How Michelle’s Closet is Making a Difference:

•We collect and donate clothing and personal hygiene items for families in need.

•We sponsor an annual book drive to purchase Narcotics Anonymous books for our local rehabs.

•We collect and donate school supplies, clothing, and other needs for children of local recovering addicts.

•We offer volunteer hours to our local high school kids towards graduation.

•We sponsor an annual scholarship drive for our local colleges (last month we raised a $1,000 for Polk State).

•We make and sell candles and other unique gift items that are “Lighting the Way to a Brighter Tomorrow.” We use this money to purchase items that are not donated.

But above all this, we offer a place where recovering addicts can come to heal, feel accepted and participate in their own recovery; a place where they can find phone numbers, resources and the tools they need to succeed; a place where their past does not precede their future; and a place where they are motivated to give back to their community in a positive way.

Michelle’s Closet is always accepting clothing and monetary donations. To make arrangements contact or make a monetary donation online at Show your support on Facebook/michellescloset413; Like us, share our posts, join our raffles Help us spread our message or just simply send a message asking how you can help.

For more info contact 863-258-2266.