Break Through Your Threshold: Embracing New Beginnings by Jai Maa

Break Through Your Threshold: Embracing New Beginnings
By Jai Maa

A major life shift can be daunting and downright scary. But embracing a new chapter can heal past hurts and make way for new beginnings.

For weeks I have noticed many people going through major life shifts. I have lost count of how many are getting separated, divorced, married, or engaged. Some are embarking on new career opportunities while others are losing their jobs or reinventing their life purpose all together. Some are moving homes or letting go of all of their possessions to take a job overseas. Loved ones are abruptly passing, best friendships are falling apart, and others are falling in true love. Just in two days, I heard from one friend in Arkansas and another in Colorado who both had bought RVs, while five more of my friends were currently on the hunt to purchase theirs.

Life chapters are abruptly closing for new ones to begin. The more a person is attached or entangled to their current chapter, which is relentlessly closing, the longer they suffer and have the tendency to create unnecessary drama. When a person is willing to surrender to the inevitable change without trying to control their situation to avoid pain, the easier it is to see and embrace the joy of their next life adventure. The key is in feeling the pain of letting go and trusting that life is unfolding perfectly in the highest good for all.

Making a shift into a new chapter can be daunting. We become like children again, unsure of our surroundings and how things work. We feel a sense of excitement to play on our new journey, yet we want to know we are safe before we fully dive in. Since the feelings of safety, security, and trust come from within, the quicker we connect with these feelings as we move forward, the stronger we become in navigating life’s irrefutable changes.

One of my friends, Tina, is going through a divorce. Tina has been doing her “inner work” for years and has learned that the longer she hangs on to blame, resentment, or being a victim, the longer she suffers and prolongs the joy of a new beginning. Tina does not suppress her emotions, nor does she put on a “everything is fine” mask to present to the world. She feels deeply the fear of moving on without a partner and the pain of how this change will affect her children. She has felt and released anger and resentment toward her husband, and continues to release the grief from her broken heart. Within days of feeling, expressing, and releasing her pain, and while fully surrendering to the life change before her, Tina was able to gain a peaceful state of empathy and compassion for her husband’s process of separating. Together, they are able to communicate as two people who still love and want the best for each other. They are exploring the mystery of evolving their dynamic into one that is healthier for their family, whether they stay together or separate.

Tina models an enlightening possibility of how to move through an intense life change with grace. Instead of hanging on to the past because of fear of what her future might hold, she connected with trust and surrendered to the highest good unfolding for all. As a result, win-win conversations are happening between her and her husband, and they remain curious and open to their new chapter being better for the entire family.

What new chapters are beginning in your life? Are you allowing change to happen without your fearful interference? Do you trust that everything always works out for you?

Enlightenment Challenge: The next life shift that comes your way, embrace the feelings that come up around letting go, and surrender control of the situation. Open yourself to a blank canvas of infinite possibility and trust that life is about to become far better than you ever dreamed possible.