Break Through Your Threshold: Working with Your Spirit Guides by Jai Maa

Break Through Your Threshold: Working with Your Spirit Guides
By Jai Maa

Do you know you are never alone, and you are loved and supported unconditionally? Many believe in angels, but are you working directly with yours?

Before taking birth, you had to have two very important things. One is a Divine Purpose. Your purpose in life would be something that would cause you to come alive in the greatest joy while being of service. Your Divine Purpose is something that could literally expand the Universe. The amount of fun you are experiencing is the indicator of how close you are to your Divine Purpose. If you are not having fun in life, you are off track.

The other thing you had to have before taking birth is your Guidance, also known as your personal angels or Spirit Guides. Your Spirit Guides reside in the place we call Heaven, and they love and support you with no conditions.

They are your best friends in the entire Universe, and before taking birth, you hand selected them to guide you in living the most extraordinary life possible. Your Spirit Guides have been with you since your first breath, and will be waiting for you to help guide you back into the Light when you take your last. They love you more than you will ever know.

Throughout your life, your Spirit Guides have been communicating with you through your intuition, gut-feelings, hunches, and flashes of inspiration. They will never invade your freewill or try to control you to make the best decision possible, but instead, they attempt to get your attention through your intuition.

You are always in the driver seat, and your Spirit Guides want so very much to see you thrive in ecstasy in every area of life. When you choose to consciously work with your Spirit Guides and give them permission to support you, get ready! Magic is about to happen!

I have been working with my Spirit Guides (whom I like to call my “Guidance”) for over a decade, and they have made my life so unbelievably easy. I have asked them for money when a bill was due, and within twenty-four hours, prosperity would come from an unexpected source with no effort on my part.

I’ve also asked them for help in the midst of a heated argument with another, and in that moment, the other person would calm down and a resolution was available. I’ve asked them for love when I have felt incapable of loving myself, and within one breath, they were there hugging me and wrapping me in their angelic wings of unconditional love.

I encourage you to trust your intuition and work with your Spirit Guides. They have a bird’s eye view of your life and your surroundings, and they want to help you chose the path of least resistance that will bring you and the world around you the most joy possible. But you have to ask for their help.

There are three steps in working with your Spirit Guides: Ask, Trust, and Surrender.

ASK your Spirit Guides for support. Ask them for anything and everything you want. You are never a burden to your Spirit Team, and the more you connect with them, the more you will learn how to clearly communicate with them.

TRUST your Spirit Guides have heard you and that the most benevolent support is on its way to you. Trust that you are loved and never alone.

SURRENDER the need to know or control how your good will come to you. You have to get out of your own way and receive the support you’ve asked for. If you asked your best friend to do a task for you, you wouldn’t do it yourself after they said they would help, would you?

Begin communicating with your Spirit Guides. It might feel awkward at first, like it was for me. I mean, who talks out loud to an empty room, believing that someone benevolent is there listening and responding?

One who knows they are loved and never alone.

One who is ready to make life easier for themselves.

One who is willing to co-create a life of magic with their non-physical, best friends of the highest degrees of Love and Light.

Your Spirit Guides eagerly await this conversation with you. Begin connecting with your Spirit Guides today. Let the magic begin.

Enlightenment Challenge: Play a game with your Spirit Guides to see for yourself that they are really there. Ask them to give you a sign that will leave no doubt in your mind that they are with you. Connect with them every day, and ask them for support on anything.

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