Non-profit Spotlight: Clark’s House, Inc. in Lakeland

Non-profit Spotlight: Clark’s House, Inc. in Lakeland

Clark’s House Inc., (CHI), opened in 2008 as a residential program serving clients who had substance abuse issues.

During the two years as a residential program CHI served a total of 150 men, either with direct housing and/or referral services. Due to the high number of clients serviced, CHI did a needs assessment and determined 85 percent of the clients that utilized Clark’s House were veterans. CHI’s residential program was concluded in 2010 due to becoming a high volume drug area, which raised issues of the safety and well-being of clients.

CHI is committed to enhancing the educational, spiritual, physical, mental, social, and community growth of low income men and women who are challenged with substance abuse, homelessness, and re-entry issues who are veterans, and persons living with HIV/AIDS. We aim to assist them into self-sufficiency so that they can become productive members within their communities.

Clark’s House Inc., was awarded the first Supportive Services for Veterans and their Family (SSVF) grant in October 2013 by the Department of Veterans Affairs that affords us the opportunity to provide prevention services and housing services to eligible veterans.

In April 2014, Clark’s House was awarded the Emergency Shelter Grant that (ESG) allows us to service those “other than honorable” veterans with immediate housing needs.

Currently, CHI is the only provider of direct services to the veteran population in Polk County, Florida.

Under these grant provisions, Clark’s House provides short term case management, financial assistance for housing, counseling, housing placement, security deposits, rent (including arrears), utilities (including arrears), moving assistance, childcare assistance, veteran benefit, employment, and health care referrals.

To be eligible for supportive services from Clark’s House the applicant must be a veteran, or a family with a veteran as the head of household. The veteran or family must be literally homeless, or “at imminent risk” of becoming homeless.

In addition, veterans and families must meet income level guidelines to qualify under these programs.

Clark’s House, Inc., is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Case Managers and Outreach Specialists are available to answer any questions or concerns. Contact us at 863-940-9977. Donations can be mailed to 601 South Florida Avenue, Lakeland, Fla. 33801 or made on our website. In the event of an emergency, Clark’s House can be contacted 24 hours a day at 863-255-8883.