Non-profit Spotlight: Lakeland’s Amici Charity

Non-profit Spotlight: Lakeland’s Amici Charity

Amici Charity is an all-volunteer organization that formed in July of 2011 in response to seeing the effect of the economic downturn with the hope of reaching needs locally. Do you know someone who lost a job, was laid off, or experienced an event that caused them financial complications? Maybe you know a neighbor or friend who wanted to maintain financial independence and would not qualify for government assistance?

Since mid-2011, we have served more than 20 of these individuals and families with an annual average operating budget of less than $9,300.

Primarily serving the Lakeland community and surrounding areas, most of our clients have an event that triggers a need for assistance such as the loss of a job, a sick child, or the death of an income-earning spouse. These individuals and families usually do not qualify for typical charities or government assistance. Amici Charity provides the contribution directly to the source of financial concern to promote financial independence. To date, none of the clients that we have served have made a second request for assistance.

As a small charity with a small budget, we rely solely on volunteers to contribute their time and expertise to make our operations successful in meeting the needs of those who seek assistance.

We have no paid staff and no rental expenses and seek for donated services for program operations whenever possible.

Tony and Judy Senzamici are the cofounders of the charity and Tony serves as the president of the board of directors. The charity is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has formed and continues to seek partnerships with local businesses and community organization to provide volunteers and financial support.

“A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out.”

We have covered the cost of late homeowner’s associate fees for a widow who was completing school to prevent her from being evicted and having to quit school.

We have paid an electric bill for an out-of work, job seeking individual, giving her the chance to look presentable for her job interview the next week.

We connected with services from a local funeral home to provide funeral services for an infant death while we covered the cost of the transportation back to Lakeland so the parents could grieve peacefully.

We covered the cost of gas to and from Shands hospital in Gainesville on weekends for working parents of a transplant recipient so they could be with their recovering child.

We covered a mortgage payment for a woman who was laid off, giving time to find another job without getting behind in her mortgage.

During the Christmas season, we support qualifying families by providing them with children’s gifts, which allows them an opportunity to enjoy Christmas without the anxiety and stress of choosing between spending funds on presents or the mortgage or light bill.

Amici Charity’s main fundraiser each year is a banquet, which is typically held in the spring.  There is entertainment and sponsors donate prizes for a silent auction. Tickets are sold to the event. Volunteers organize and run the banquet and assist in serving the dinner.

For more information, to volunteer or donate, visit our website at or email, or call President Tony Senzamici at 863-640-4085. Donations can also be mailed to Amici Charity, Inc., P.O. Box 5168, Lakeland, Fl. 33807.